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Food News This Week: November 23rd

In Food News this week ...


All by myself... Why eating alone is the new norm for Americans  
Almost half (46%) of all adult eating occasions are now solitary, according to new research fromEating alone is the new norm. The Hartman Group.

Report Calls For U.S. Department Of Agriculture To Regulate Vending Machine Snacks
“Research shows that the consumption of 110 to 165 calories above recommended amounts per day — roughly the difference between an apple and a bag of chips — may be responsible for rising rates of childhood obesity,” said Jessica Donze Black, director of the Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project.

Nestle Waters North America Sends 5.4 Million Bottles of Water To Hurricane Sandy Victims
Nestle Waters North America is also donating 200,000 bottles of Poland Spring® water that had been designated for the NYC Marathon.

Ad of the Day: Arby's: Chain gets a former NYPD detective to tell the cold, hard truth about Subway's cold cuts.
The truth about your sandwich meat. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Dietl, former NYPD detective,Arby's Detective current private investigator and professional blowhard, is the man to tell cold, hard truths. And the cold, hard truth about your cold cuts is that you should be eating Arby's. Because Arby's slices its lunch meat fresh in the store daily before putting it on your sandwich. Because Subway does no such thing. And because Arby's is paying Dietl a lot of money to tell you that truth.

Redhook Beer Ad Backs Gay Marriage
Redhook BeerWhile most brands steer far clear of controversial issues, Seattle-based craft-beer brewer Redhook has stepped boldly into politics with an ad supporting Washington State’s Referendum 74, which would legalize same-sex marriage.

Serge Renaud, "Father of the French Paradox," Dies at 85

The French scientist argued that red wine was part of a healthy lifestyle, most famously in a 60 Minutes report that sparked a sales boom