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My Favorite Food Blogs in the USA

Posted by Victoria Brown

I am in your territory now. Here I share my favorite food blogs from the USA.

In my last post on my favorite European blogs, I shared my difficulty narrowing a whole continent down to a handful of favorites. Here I have a similar problem. OK, so I am only dealing with one country, but the USA is huge! It’s the third most highly populated country in the world, in fact.

No one knows how many food blogs there are in the world, new ones are starting every day, but I’d put money on a huge percentage of them being based in the USA. They are as diverse as they are many – for a flavor of the range on offer, take a look at this list of blogs by state. So I said it once, and I will say it again. These are my favorites and I readily admit that I am biased. I am only human after all.

You will have heard of some of these blogs before (they are famous for a reason!) but there are also some lesser known ones as well. I hope you will find something new and useful, and that you enjoy them as much as me.

Canelle et Vanille (Florida, USA): Aran is a big name in the world of food blogging. She has had loads of press coverage, won numerous awards and recently brought out her first book. If you are not reeled in by the delicious photos, her recipes will get you. Like her diet, Aran’s recipes are gluten-free. 

Chez Pim (San Francisco, USA): Pim is Thai, but lives in San Fran. I stumbled across her blog while trying to find out how much wet palm sugar I should substitute for a teaspoon of the real thing. My search led me to her very helpful Pantry section where she discusses “ingredients, tricks, tools and all things cool”. Her blog has so much going on its hard to give you a snippet, just go on over and check it out!

The Hunger (Seattle, USA): Violet Severine identifies as a Cuban, French Canadian, Chinese, New Yorker, transgender girl whose lived in 4 states of the USA. I don’t know if she’s all those things, but she’s certainly quirky, fun and my kind of girl so I keep coming back. The focus is on reviews rather than recipes, which isn’t much use to me (in London), but that is as good an advert as any for her ability to keep us entertained.

Joe Pastry (Kentucky, USA): This is my go to blog whenever I have a question about baking. I am the sort of person who doesn’t just want to know how to do something, but why I should do it that way, so I find Joe’s scientific and historical approach informative and refreshing.

La Tartine Gourmand (Boston, USA): You are likely to have heard of this one. Béa is not only one of the world’s most famous food bloggers; she is right on your doorstep.  It was her colorful and vibrant photos that drew me into the site, but I have since become enamored with her recipes as well; a whole section devoted to tarts is a winner in my books!

Wrightfood (Seattle, USA): Matt is “a rather quirky (not my words) English bloke” living in Seattle. He started out by focusing on seafood but has become interested in cured meats. I love charcuterie and one of these days I will make my own. When that time comes, this is where I’ll head for the recipe.

The Yellow House (Virginia, USA): Sarah is a ’20-something’ who feels that you don’t need “a spouse and kid before you begin to care about where your veggies come from or sharing a big dinner with friends”. Her blog is mostly recipes, helpfully indexed by ingredient, as well as category. Many are inspired by the veggies she grows in her garden and all are illustrated with beautiful photos.

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