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Rosanne LeBlanc

Rosanne LeBlanc
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Loved cooking and baking since I was a young girl. Both parents worked, so after school I would cook and bake and experiment with all kinds of food.

Biscotti became my passion when I realized I could take them to a whole new level. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea….and get so excited that I would sometimes get up and start baking.

I think when you are passionate and love what you’re doing it doesn’t seem like work. Sometimes I would get up early in the morning and work till late at night not even realizing that I’d been working for 18-20 hrs.

I get my best reward when someone tries a new flavor and says “this is the best biscotti I ever had”…..This is what makes all the hard work worth it.

I like to change flavors frequently…..from Turtle, Caramel Nut, Orange Crush to Limoncello, Cioccolata, Peanut butter and on and on and on.

See these flavors and more at http://rosannesbiscotti.com.

Recipe Videos By This Cook

Almond and White Chocolate Biscotti

Biscotti make for a classic Italian dessert or snack. Learn how to prepare the Almond and White Chocolate Biscotti, an easy treat calling for just four ingredients you may already have your pantry.

Anise Biscotti

Why buy biscotti when Rosanne LeBlanc shows us how easy it is to make homemade anise biscotti, the most traditional Italian type? With some basic ingredients and 10 minutes of baking time, you can create the biscottis to use with many of Rosanne’s recipes.

Chocolate Turtle with Coconut

In this recipe, host Rosanne LeBlanc makes an easy summer dessert out of the most basic ingredients: chocolate, caramel, nuts and coconut. Learn how to make your own candy with Chocolate Turtles with Coconut.

Chocolate Turtle with Dried Cranberries

Easy to make with ingredients you are sure to find in your cupboard, these candy turtles are the perfect summer dessert. Learn how to make these Chocolate Turtles with Dried Cranberries in this how-to recipe video.

Chocolate Turtle with Kelp

Kelp adds a salty depth of flavor to the already sweet and rich chocolate turtle candies. Follow along with this how-to video and make your own Chocolate Turtles with Kelp.

Limoncello Biscotti

Learn how to make your own homemade Limoncello Biscotti in this how to recipe video. The lemon flavor in tandem with the sweetness of the frosting and pastry allows for a perfect mix of sweet and sour that appeals to all.

Rocky Road Biscotti

Who can resist a marshmallow? It doesn't get any better than melted chocolate, walnuts and marshmallows in this Rocky Road biscotti rendition!

Trail Mix Biscotti

A healthy topping of nuts, dried fruits, seeds and white chocolate gives you all the energy and sugar needed to stay active. Learn how easy it is to make Trail Mix Biscotti in this video recipe.

Turtle Candy

Make your own candy with this helpful video tutorial for Turtle Candy. From melting chocolate and caramel to making cute edible creations, this how-to video teaches you many useful techniques.

Turtle Candy Topping for Biscotti

Turtle lovers will be charmed with Rosanne LeBlanc's combination of caramel, chocolate, brazil nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, almonds and cashews as she molds her biscotti into an irresistible sweet creation.