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Stuffed Top Neck Clams

Posted in: Christmas, Seafood,


To Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan this recipe is very special. Her uncle Charlie began making this recipe for her family many years ago.  It’s become a family tradition. Unfortunately Uncle Charlie passed away and will be sorely missed by everyone this Christmas and so this year this tradition has even more meaning to her family. “I know every family member will think of Uncle Charlie while enjoying every last clam.”

Top neck clams are a little larger than the little necks and may have a saltier taste. They are more difficult to open because of a stronger muscle holding the shells together. You have to be more careful when cutting them open. Felicia gets her fish vendor to do it for her and you may want to do the same.

Here is a run down about the different clams and their sizes:

The smallest are the Little Neck, about 7 to 10 clams per pound.
The next are the Cherry Stones, a little larger at about 6 to 10 per pound.
Top Necks usually provide about 4 clams per pound.
The largest are the Quahogs, and can be as large as 2 per pound but often there are 3. They are used for either chowder or stuffed clams.


Stuffed Top Neck Clams

35 top neck clams, split open with muscle loosened
4 stacks original Ritz Crackers, crushed in food processor
1-2 handfuls of fixed Muddica (bread crumbs)
1 envelope Good Season Italian dry dressing mix
1 large sweet onion, puréed
1 medium ripe tomato, seeded and finely hand chopped
1 1/2 sticks melted salted butter
1 green pepper, cut finely by hand
½ pound sliced bacon, cut into ½ inch pieces
1 tablespoon olive oil


1. Place all ingredients except butter into a large mixing bowl.
2. Add butter a little at a time while working crumbs together with your hands, looking for a moist consistency, not soggy.
3. Drizzle stuffing mixture with olive oil and mix well.
4. Carefully place prepared clams on a cookie sheet, ( keep natural clam juices in each shell)
5. Using your hand top each clam with a heaping tablespoon of stuffing.
6. Top each stuffed clam with bacon.
7. Place clams uncovered into a preheated 350 degree F. oven.
8. Bake 5 to10 minutes or until tops of crumbs are golden and bacon is slightly crisp.


Recipe courtesy of Felicia (Ciaramitaro) Mohan, 2011.

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Felicia MohanGloucester native Felicia Mohan Ciaramitaro - known to her many followers as Sista Felicia - grew up cooking with her mother and grandmother. While perfecting her family's favorite recipes and her

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