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Beer Pairing - Nachos

Posted in: Appetizers, Drinks, Beer, Snacks, American, Super Bowl, Tailgating, Cinco de Mayo, Fall, Winter,


“When I’m out at the pub with my friends, I like to order a heaping plate of nachos for the whole table to share,” Chad Lothian explains. If you are anything like Chad, you probably want a beer to accompany that meal. We are all used to light beers that only cool down your palate after eating a jalapeno, but then leave you needing more. Lothian chooses a beer that compliments all the flavors of nachos, as well as handling all the heat that comes with them, and making the whole experience more enjoyable.

This amber lager is full-bodied, malty, and can handle spicy flavors and cut through many of the flavors on a plate of nachos. Lager beer is the most widely available beer on the commercial market. There are a few different styles of lager, dark and pale, as well as having a wide range of alcohol content ranging from around 5%, to more potent lagers, which can reach alcohol volumes in excess of 10%. You will not be disappointed with this pairing, that has just as much flavor as a hot plate of nachos.


Beer Pairing - Nachos


About The Cook

Chad LothianChad Lothian lives in Old Town, Maine. He is a Craft Beer Enthusiast and Homebrewer. Chad has traveled to brewpubs, breweries and brewfests all over New England.

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