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Ruby Red Pimm’s Cup

Posted in: Drinks, Cocktails, Mixed Drinks,


As perfectly paired as a flute of champagne to a New Year’s celebration or a mint julep to the Kentucky Derby, a Pimm’s Number One Cup is the quintessential cocktail of the Wimbledon tennis tournament. James Pimm crafted the first batch of Pimm’s in 1823 at his London Oyster Bar. Gentlemen of the upper echelon of British society had always enjoyed the classic combination of oysters and gin, but Pimm’s unique “house cup,” flavored with liqueurs and fruit extract, was hailed as a digestive aid and instantly successful. Served in the now iconic cup, a “Pimm’s Cup” was born. In 1851, after years of infamy at the Oyster Bar, Pimm’s began commercial production and distribution, and in 1887 Sir Horatio Davies, the Lord Mayor of London, purchased the brand. Davie’s acquisition solidified Pimm’s status as the beverage of the aristocratic elite and token drink of the city of London. In 1971, Pimm’s opened their first bar at the Wimbledon tournament, and since then, the iconic gin drink has represented outstanding athletic achievement and hot summer days of spectatorship. Wimbledon serves 10,000 Pimm’s Number One Cups daily and 200,000 over the course of the tournament. Perhaps this version, will find its home this year at the US Open Championship in Flushing Meadow, NY.


The recipe for the Pimm’s Number One Cup, though varied, is traditionally a blend of lemonade, which in Great Britain is a carbonated lemon drink comparable to the American 7-Up, fruit and, of course, Pimm’s Number One. Chef Nick Rabar infuses the classic Cup with ruby red grapefruit, adding a touch of color and boost of flavor. Though separated from Wimbledon by the Atlantic Ocean, Rabar celebrates the U.S. Open and the new inductees to the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Providence, Rhode Island with the Pimm’s Cup.


Ruby Red Pimm’s Cup

2 ounces       Pimm’s Number One

4 ounces       ginger ale

2 ounce         ruby red grapefruit juice

1ounce          lemon syrup

2 ounces       club soda

1                   cucumber garnish


Combine all ingredients and serve over ice. Garnish with cucumber.

Recipe courtesy of Nick Rabar, 2013

About The Cook

Nick RabarWith an accomplished 20 year culinary career under his belt, Nick Rabar dove onto the television scene and never looked back. Emmy nominated for his hit show Nick Rabar: Chef 2 Go and Author of the ac

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