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Drinks Recipe Videos

  • Regaleali 2006 Nero D'Av

    This Sicilian wine uses the Calabrese grape and is best served with eggplant, pasta or pizza.

  • Lacryma Christi Del Vesuv

    This historic Italian wine is from the Campania region and serves best with heavier foods.

  • Gin Flip

    The original gin flip was a mixture of beer, rum and sugar. A hot iron caused it to "flip". Now it is gin, sugar and egg.

  • Champagne Cocktail

    This version of champagne uses Cognac, Benedictine, Grenadine and champagne or another sparkling wine like prosecco.

  • Old Fashioned

    The original cocktail, the Old Fashioned combines sugar, bitters, a whisky or brandy and a citrus twist.

  • Basic Beer Recipe: Part 2

    If you want to know how to make your own beer at home then watch this video - Part 1.

  • Basic Beer Recipe: Part 1

    If you want to know how to make your own beer at home then watch this video - Part 2.

  • Home Brewing Equipment

    The list of basic equipment needed to make your own beer at home is presented in this video.

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate

    The old world discovered chocolate in the new world and this Mexican stone ground chocolate from Taza is as close as you will get to that today.

  • Wine Pairings - Salads

    You might think that pairing a salad with wines is pretty easy but actually it is more complicated due to the fact that many salad dressings use vin

  • Wine Pairings - Desserts

    The key to pairing wines with dessert, especially in the summer, is to keep it simple, and “let the wine shine.”

  • Wine Pairings - Cheeses

    Many taste tests indicate that cheese and wine are often “at odds” in a pairing, with each detracting from the other.

  • Italian Wine - Vernaccia

    Why study Italian wines? Italy and France are the largest wine producing areas in the world.

  • Wine Pairing - Stilton & Gouda

    We feature two cheeses that are both quintessential representatives of their place of origin, Stilton of England and Classic Gouda from Holland.

  • Wine Pairing: Spicy Stew

    The amount of spice or “heat” in the recipe is the single most important factor to consider when choosing the proper wine.

  • Italian Wines: Valpolicella

    Valpolicella is a viticultural zone of the province of Verona, Italy, east of Lake Garda, a region of small vineyards north of the Adige is famous for

  • Italian Wines - Chiarlo Barbera

    Michele Chiarlo’s Barbera d’Asti was the first wine to be produced by Michele Chiarlo and as such, it remains his greatest passion.

  • Italian Wine - Rosso di Montefalco

    This wine is rich ruby red, brilliant with notes of ripe red fruit and delicate hints of vanilla.Serve with meats, cold cuts and matured cheeses.

  • Italian Wines Anthilia Sicilia

    The wine shows a precise personality linked with extremely sweet and elegant fruity sensations and notes of yellow peaches and plums.

  • Italian Wines - Sedara Nero Avola

    Typical of Nero d'Avola, this is a richly colored wine, inky dark-ruby and almost blackish in the glass.

  • Wine Pairings - Cheeses with Merlot

    A full-bodied red, like this Chateau Ste Michelle 2009 Merlot, needs bold cheeses that can stand up to it - aged goat cheese and Italian pecorino.

  • Cotes du Rhone & Cheese

    Delas Cotes du Rhone Saint-Esprit, goes well with a classic brie, an aged, hard goat’s cheese and a mild, soft fontina.

  • Chocolate & Champagne

    The combination of champagne or sparkling wine and chocolate is an effective mood changer for many people.

  • Italian Wine - Pinot Grigio

    Ramato offers its classic coppery hue and appealing limpidity, impressively rich, with notes of wild strawberry and sour cherry.

  • Italian Wine - Spumante Brut

    The Chardonnay expresses best its fresh and fruity character, the Rotari Spumante Brut is fragrant, intense and elegant.

  • Screwpull Corkscrew

    The screwpull corkscrew is one of the easiest and foolproof ways to open a bottle of wine cleanly.

  • Pinot Gris

    A to Z Pinot Gris from Oregon is a crowd pleaser and when it’s nicely chilled with some cheeses you’re going to make your guests really smile.

  • Italian Wine Monte Faliesi

    Brilliant ruby red color. Floral and fruity, violet, black cherry, raspberry and spices. The palate is clean and dry.

  • Wine Tasting Tips

    The best way to clean your glass for tasting the next wine is to use a little of that same wine to rinse out your glass.

  • Wine Pairing: Tarragon Chicken

    Pairing food and wine is not only an art, it is also a science. Kathleen Erickson, the Wine Ph D. and owner of Savour Wine and Cheese in Gloucester, MA shows us that, although the up and coming fiel

  • Wine Pairing: Anise

    Molecular gastronomy is not just for science labs anymore. Now it can even be found on your kitchen table.

  • Arancini

    This arancini is made the traditional Sicilian method but uses saffron infused rice with Bolognese sauce, peas and a piece of Fontina cheese.

  • Essential Bar Tools

    A tempered mixing glass, a Boston shaker that fits it and a few measuring glasses (called jiggers) are some of what you need.

  • Hot Apple Pie Dessert Cocktail

    This dessert cocktail, made with Tuac Brandy and apple cider, is easy to prepare and a sure hit with friends and family, especially in the fall.

  • Italian Wine - Rosso di Montalcino

    This fine Italian wine, Rosso di Montalcino, is produced in the Castello Banfi vineyard located in Montalcino, Tuscany.

  • Wine Pairing: Quinoa Salad

    Kathleen Erickson, "the Wine PhD," suggests pairing this refreshing quinoa salad with a glass of Riesling and, for dessert, a crisp apple to get the full effect of this food and wine pairing.

  • Grape & Ginger Ale Punch

    This punch uses ginger ale, grape juice, Maraschino cherries and crushed pineapple. This version suggests Canada Dry ginger ale.

  • Guacamole and Sangria

    Making your own fresh Sangria, guacamole and fried chips is a cinch after watching this recipe video.

  • Eggnog Punch with Coffee

    The ingredients for this drink are eggnog, coffee, Sherry, Brandy, whipped cream, ground nutmeg and coffee ice cream.

  • The Sidecar

    The Sidecar Cocktail, made with cognac and Cointreau, is one of the popular historical cocktails that has remained in popular drinking culture.

  • Vanilla Whipped Cream

    Whipped cream can be flavored with vanilla or else try coffee, chocolate, orange zest or liqueur.

  • Beer Pairing: Stout

    When the cold northern winds of Maine howl, one of his “Go To” meals is chili. Rich and hearty, a bowl of Lothian's steaming Moose Chili needs a hearty beer to stand up to the chili's bold flavors

  • Miss Moxie

    This recipe, a spin off of the ever-popular west coast cocktail called the "California Root Beer," features Moxie Cola, a true American pastime.

  • Beer Pairing: IPA

    With a hearty helping of wings on his plate brings along with it a hearty helping of spicy seasoning. To cleanse the palate and keep you coming back for more wings, Lothian suggests a hearty IPA.

  • Beer Drink: Snake Bite

    Doubling as both a healthy helping of alcohol AND as a bar trick (if you can master the black-and-tan spoon), the Snake Bite is a drink best not left to the faint of heart.

  • Pickle Martini

    Long gone are the the "Shaken and Stirred" days for the humble martini. Chef Andy Verala has challenged the traditional martini with this recipe for the spicy and dirty, Pickle Martini.

  • Gin Bloody Mary

    With the help of Bill Jacques' suave approach you'll look like a professional bartender when making your friends and family the Gin Bloody Mary.

  • Champagne Margarita

    By combining two delicious and popular drinks, your guests will still be able to have the traditional New Years Eve champagne, but with a punch of that margarita lime.

  • Dry Martini

    With the holidays come tradition. When it comes to drinks, nothing is more traditional than the Dry Martini.

  • Santa's Sleigh Cocktail

    Part dessert, part party this cocktail is sure to spread a little cheer.

  • Wine Pairing: Asparagus and Goat Cheese

    Once a basic understanding of flavor profiling is established the doors of opportunity for mixing and matching wine and food are opened to many new possibilities.

  • Beer Pairing - Nachos

    Chad Lothian explains why this amber lager's full-bodied, malty flavor can handle spicy flavors and cut through many of the flavors on a plate of nachos.

  • Summer Beer Cocktail

    Kick back. Relax. Enjoy the warmth of the sun with a cool drink in hand after a long summer's day. Try this recipe for Summer Beer Cocktail.

  • Italian Wine - Dolcetto d'Alba

    Dolcetto is a black grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy and the wines produced are nearly always dry.

  • Ginger and Lemongrass Tea (Newport Flower Show)

    The Newport Flower Show celebrated its 18th year with the “Jade: Eastern Obsessions” themed event. Learn how to make the Eastern inspired Ginger and Lemongrass Infused Tea visitors attending the show were able to sample.

  • Sicilian Manhattan

    Mixologist, Zach Wilks uses his own creative license by giving the classic American drink, the Manhattan, a twist. Learn how to make the Sicilian Manhattan in this how to video recipe.

  • Lemon Basil Cocktail

    Learn how to use up those left over Meyer lemons in this how to video recipe for Lemon Basil Cocktail.

  • Ruby Red Pimm’s Cup

    Chef Nick Rabar infuses the classic Cup with ruby red grapefruit, adding a touch of color and boost of flavor.

  • Champagne Orange Cocktail

    Elderflowers may not be the first things that you think of when making a Champagne Cocktail. Neither is orange peel perhaps, however these two ingredients completely transform the cocktail into a purely unique gem.

  • Amaretto Sour with Bourbon

    A spin off of the traditional amaretto sour, the Amaretto Sour with Bourbon is a mixture of amaretto, bourbon and a homemade sweet and sour mix.

  • Bourbon Cola Cocktail

    Bourbon is a distinctly American spirit, connoting images of Southern living and summer cocktails. Hone your mixology skills with this recipe for a basic Bourbon Cola Cocktail.

  • Moscow Mule

    Traditionally served in a bright copper mug, the Moscow Mule utilizes vodka, ginger beer and a wedge of lime to yield a refreshing, cool beverage.

  • Negroni Cocktail

    The Negroni is a classic Italian aperitif, a cocktail traditionally served before a meal to stimulate appetite. Legend has it that the Negroni dates back to 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni asked his bartender to strengthen his favorite cocktail, the Americano, with gin.

  • Wilks Gin and Tonic

    Warmer weather means warm weather cocktails. No, not the kind with umbrellas, the traditional kinds: the ones that originated in the 1800s. The Gin and Tonic.

  • International Coffee

    International because it uses liqueurs from a few different countries and combined in coffee makes it a treat.

  • Classic Bloody Mary Cocktail

    While the history of the Bloody Mary cocktail is not clear, one thing is certain: it is one of the most beloved cocktails. The secret is the cocktail sauce and keeping it simple.

  • Cool Toddy Cocktail

    What if you aren’t feeling under the weather or it’s warm outside? That’s when the Cool Toddy cocktail becomes the perfect choice.

  • Alien Eyeball Martini Cocktail

    Create a bloody good drink in your cocktail lab this Halloween. You will be surprised how easy it is to concoct this fun martini for the pleasure (or horror) of your guests.

  • Gourmet Apple and Cranberry Juice

    Aromatherapy abounds as the scent of cinnamon and apples fills your house while you simmer up this simple yet sophisticated (especially if you serve it in a classy mug) Gourmet Cranberry and Apple drink.

  • Aronia Power Berry Beer Cocktail

    Drink to the season and your health with the Power Berry Aroni Cocktail, a superfruit beer loaded with antioxidants.

  • Stella Sprite Belveder Cocktail

    Enjoy a flavor-infused beer cocktail, a spritely cocktail that has the healthy ingredient of blackberries, which are superfoods and antioxidants, important ingredients that fight chronic and degenerative diseases.