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Soups Recipe Videos

  • Zuppa Di Vongole

    This is a favorite Italian seafood soup that uses fresh vongole, Italian for clams, and cannelloni beans.

  • Potato Rutabega Bisque

    Rutabaga is the Swedish word for turnip. Rutabagas are a cross between a cabbage and a turnip.

  • Tomato-Based Fish Chowder

    Everyone thinks of Manhatten Chowder when they make a tomato base. This is a simpler version of that recipe.

  • Persian Chicken Stew

    This Persian Chicken Stew gets its mideastern flavors from the tumeric. The apple rings and dried cranberries add a New England flavor.

  • Spicy Tomato Soup

    This ia a fast, easy and healthy versian of tomato soup prepared by Barbara Lynch.

  • Easy Pumpkin Bisque

    Are you looking for a good and easy pumkin soup or bisque recipe. This one is very easy and quick to make.

  • Lentil and Sausage Soup

    The secret according to Mary Ann Esposito is to keep this soup simple and use good sausage with fennel seasoning in it.

  • Corn Consomme

    The interesting thing about this recipe is that it allows you to not only enjoy the fresh corn flavor but you use the parts of the corn that you usu

  • Fresh Tomato Soup

    Fresh tomato soup is a great way to enjoy your extra tomatoes. It does not take long to cook, and the taste of fresh grown onions and basil make for a

  • Wine Pairing: Spicy Stew

    The amount of spice or “heat” in the recipe is the single most important factor to consider when choosing the proper wine.

  • Butternut Leek Soup

    This Thanksgiving Butternut Squash and Leek soup requires that you wash and clean fresh leeks but the results are well worth it.

  • Roasted Squash Bisque

    A Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque is a typical vegetable cream soup. Combine with chicken broth and heavy cream as a finish.

  • Italian Wedding Soup

    This is one of the most popular Italian American soups, chicken soup made with spinach and small meatballs.

  • Italian Meatballs

    These Italain American meatballs can be used as regular, large size meatballs or a smaller version can be used in Italian Wedding Soup.

  • Posole New Mexico Style

    Although tamed here by the hominy and pork, the complex palette of roasted chilis in posole is both fresh and profound.

  • Farmers Market Sancocho

    Two high school kids from the Dominican Republic show how to make a healthier version of their traditional sancocho stew.

  • Making A Basic Fish Stock

    One of the advantages of cleaning your fish is that you can boil it in water to make a fish stock for fish soups and seafood stews.

  • Quick Chili

    This recipe video shows you how to make a quick and healthy version of a ground beef chili.

  • Lentil Soup

    Once you make this lentil soup you can decide whether to serve rustic style or puree the lentils for a smooth soup.

  • Chicken & Chickpea Chili

    This Chicken and Chickpea Chili has so much flavor added through spices, chipotle chiles, and fresh orange juice.

  • Senegalese Soup

    Senegalese Soup was made popular at the famous Club 21. It uses green apples and curry as the base.

  • Guinness Irish Stew

    Guinness Stew is a traditional Irish peasant dish that has become elevated to near gourmet status.

  • How to Prepare Fennel

    Preparing this vegetable is quite simple, once you have the proper knowhow. With a little knife work and a creative mind, fennel makes for a surprising treat on in vast assortment of meals.

  • Caldo Verde

    Caldo Verde, literally translated "green soup," is a staple in Portuguese cuisine.

  • Vegetarian Kale Soup

    Giving fresh taste and packed with nutrition, this recipe for Vegetarian Kale Stew won't have you straying too far outside of your culinary comfort-zone.

  • Cauliflower Soup

    This recipe for a simple soup made with the vegetable cauliflower, commonly found in the cold weather, is humble in origin but rich in texture and flavor.

  • Harvest Soup

    Autumn is the time to incorporate some of the cold weather vegetables such as winter squash and carrots into this hearty, tasty and satisfying soup.

  • Monks Bowl

    Monk's Bowls, layers of fresh greens and grains draped in a flavorful soup, and topped with anything seasonal from chopped avocado to dried cranberries.

  • Greek Salad Soup

    In the middle of a sticky heat wave, when even lighting the outdoor grill adds too much heat, chilled soup makes a refreshing, almost effortless meal.

  • Wild Leek Cucumber Soup

    This soup actually uses wild leeks, known as ramps, but you can substitute regular leeks as well.

  • Maple Cured Salmon Chowder

    While clams most often get the spotlight in New England chowders, this recipe features another New England classic: maple syrup. In this recipe video, learn how to make a hearty bowl of Maple Cured Salmon Chowder

  • Fish Stew

    This flavorful fish stew, known as Moqueca Baina in Brazil, is an ideal dish for the Paleo Diet.

  • Potato Leek Soup

    This is a good potato leek soup recipe made mre interesting by the Tangy Tarragon Drizzlesauce that is used as a garnish at the end.

  • What To Do With a Whole Chicken

    You can do anything you want with a whole chicken, all you need is your butcher knife and your imagination, as Mary Poehnelt, the Butcher of Belchertown, shows you here.

  • How to Make Chicken Soup

    Mary Poehnelt, of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen fame, and now part of Ming Tsai’s team, shows us that the process of making a great stock is very simple, very easy to make, and can be a healthy alternative to store-bought soups.

  • Periwinkles Clam Chowder

    This New Englan Clam Chowder recipe has won over 12 titles. It is made with fresh, Ipswich clams and heavy cream.

  • Winter Sausage Giambotta

    A giambotta is an Italian stew, particularly hearty for the winter months. This recipe shows you how to make a sausage giambotta with orecchiette pasta.