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Christmas Recipes

    Caraway Cheese Spread

    This recipe for Caraway Cheese Spread is an ideal mixture for a cocktail spread; simply surround it with crackers and sliced apples and serve.

    Southern Squash Pie

    A delightful variation on a favorite pie, enjoy this creamy and delicious recipe for Southern Squash Pie. Serve as a finale to a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. The pie can be made earlier in the day, but make the topping at the last minute.

    Pumpkin Cake

    This pumpkin cake adds chopped walnuts and dark seedless raisins. Good for the fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Festive Eggnog

    This holiday classic recipe for Festive Eggnog may be made 1 day in advance. The tiny bit of gelatin in the recipe adds body, while the ice cream makes this 'nog rich and frothy.

    Cinnamon Buns (Made with Sweet Dough)

    This delicious recipe for fresh cinnamon buns uses a homemade dough recipe. These decadent buns can be served as a sweet addition to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner or in the morning for a delicious sweet breakfast, or even the day after.

    Buttercream Frosting

    There are many recipes for buttercream frosting and this is Kelly Delaney’s favorite because it is easy to make and tastes great.

    Old Fashioned the Jackson Cannon Way

    The Old Fashioned is perhaps the most famous of cocktails since it is considered to be the first drink so named. Over time people have used the term for any type of mixed drink, but this Jackson Cannon recipe is the real thing.

    Mother Grant's Apple Pie

    Sheree DeLorenzo learned how to make this pie from her mother, who learned how to make it from her mother, who learned from hers in Nova Scotia. This recipe for Mother Grant's Apple Pie is actually a mile high apple pie since the recipe calls for putting

    Eggnog Punch with Coffee and Ice Cream

    This recipe for Eggnog Punch with Coffee and Ice Cream is a perfect drink to serve at a holiday or winter party since your guests can just help themselves. The ingredients are coffee, Sherry, Brandy, whipped cream, ground nutmeg and as an added twist, She

    Vanilla Whipped Cream

    This recipe for Vanilla Whipped Cream is a simple but very tasty way to flavor a whipped cream that can be used for desserts or as a topping for drinks. In this particular use Sheree DeLorenzo has taken the left-over apples for an apple pie and served the

    No Worries Wassail

    This No Worries Wassail recipe is for the December 23, 2009 Deadliest Batch Christmas show. While the beverage typically served as "wassail" at modern holiday feasts with a medieval theme most closely resembles mulled cider, historical wassail drinks were

    Chocolate Bark with Rice Krispies

    One of the easiest things to do with tempered chocolate is to make a simple bark. This recipe for Chocolate Bark with Rice Krispies would make a wonderful holiday gift.

    Lemon Chess Pie by The Brass Sisters

    This recipe for Lemon Chess Pie by The Brass Sisters is a simple, quick, economical recipe for a delicious lemon pie and is a perfect example of what the Brass Sisters can do with an heirloom recipe.

    The Brass Sisters Apple Custard Pie

    This Brass Sisters Apple Custard Pie recipe is adapted from a recipe written on the back of a private outpatient admitting notification form from Salem Hospital. No holiday is complete without a good apple pie, and this bakes in less than an hour.

    International Coffee with Kahlua, Frangelico and Bailey’s Irish Cream

    Heat up those cold winter nights with this recipe for International Coffee, a warm drink that is truly international.

    Provencal Zucchini Fans

    Serve any leftovers for this recipe for Provencal Zucchini Fans the next day, cold with vinaigrette. Herbes de Provence are available at gourmet stores or you can make a blend used by Jacques Pepin (see link).

    Walnut Crust

    Nick Stellino uses this recipe for Walnut Crust as a base for his Pumpkin Cheesecake (see link), but it could also be used as a crust for a fruit tart.

    Easy Turkey Pot Pie

    This Easy Turkey Pot Pie is a great recipe to have on hand for the weekend after Thanksgiving. You can use a prepared refrigerated or frozen piecrust for the topping on this or make your own (see link to Basic Flaky Pastry).

    Bulgur Dressing

    For a delicious change to conventional dressing, serve this delicious recipe for Bulgur Dressing as a side dish to roast turkey or chicken.

    Cherry Glazed Turkey Ham

    Cherry glaze is a winner when you treat your tastebuds to this recipe for Cherry Glazed Turkey Ham.

    Cranberry Fruit Dressing

    This recipe for Cranberry Fruit Dressing is the perfect accompaniment to your holiday turkey. For the dried fruit use a combination of any of the following: raisins, prunes, apricots or currants.

    Cranberry-Banana Mold

    Enjoy this low-fat, low-sugar, cool and delicious recipe for Cranberry-Banana Mold either to accompany your holiday meal or as a cookout surprise.

    Turkey Stuffing

    For this tasty stuffing recipe, make a quick turkey broth using the neck and giblets, and a piece of carrot, onion and celery.

    Giblet Gravy

    To best savor this recipe for Giblet Gravy, save the drippings from the roasting pan when you cook your turkey.

    Green Onion and Cornbread Stuffing

    You may serve this tasty recipe for Green Onion and Cornbread Stuffing as a side to roast chicken, turkey or pork.

    Guilt-Free Turkey Gravy

    For a healthier version of traditional turkey gravy, treat your family to this recipe for Guilt-Free Turkey Gravy.

    Herb Mustard Turkey Breast

    Enjoy a low-fat, succulent turkey when you enjoy this recipe for Herb Mustard Turkey Breast.

    Apricot Stuffing

    This recipe for Apricot Stuffing is a stuffing version for your holiday turkey that has fewer calories and less fat than most.

    Mushroom Gravy

    The turkey pan drippings are the secret in making this recipe for Mushroom Gravy.

    New England Oyster Dressing

    This recipe for New England Oyster Dressing is a traditional New England side dish to the Thanksgiving turkey.

    Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches

    Make this recipe for Open-Faced Turkey Sandwiches with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers.

    Pineapple Orange Glaze for Ham

    Enjoy this recipe for Pineapple Orange Glaze for Ham for a special holiday or meal.

    Apple Chess Pie

    This recipe for Apple Chess Pie is a delicious version of a true classic. Try serving it at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Apple Orange Pie

    In this recipe for Apple Orange Pie, adapted from an English cookbook published in 1588, a delicate hint of bitterness furnished by orange peel, combines wonderfully with the mellow sweetness of apples.

    Apple Pie in a Bag

    This recipe for Apple Pie in a Bag creates an unusual technique for baking using parchment paper, which essentially steam-cooks the pie, leaving it super-moist.

    Classic Apple Pie

    Some things are hard to improve on, like the tender sweet and spicy apples in a flaky golden crust in this recipe for Classic Apple Pie.

    Dutch Apple Crumble

    Enjoy the great taste of apple pie without the hassle of making a crust when you savor this recipe for Dutch Apple Crumble.

    Golden Apple Dumplings

    A cold blustery day is just the time to treat your family to this recipe for Golden Apple Dumplings.

    Golden Apple Fruitcake

    Enjoy this recipe forGolden Apple Fruitcake - it's an iced fruitcake that pairs an apple spice cake, pecans and dates with the traditional candied fruits.

    Golden Apple Mincemeat Cake

    In the tradition of English mincemeat pie, this recipe for Golden Apple Mincemeat Cake is sweet and full of flavor.

    Golden Apple Pie Buckle

    Enjoy the taste of apple pie when you savor the flavor of this recipe for Golden Apple Pie Buckle.

    Golden Gift Pies

    For charming additions to a holiday table, treat your family and friends to this recipe for Golden Gift Pies.