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Cookies Recipes

    Peanut-Butter Icebox Cookies

    Peanut Butter Icebox Cookies are named that way because the dough for these cookies will keep in the freezer for up to three months.

    Venetian Cornmeal Cookies

    Venetian Cornmeal Cookies are popular in the Venato and are seen throughout Northwestern Italy - enjoy this recipe.


    The name of this double baked cookie just means almond bread, but there are hints of citrus in the flavor as well in this recipe for Mandelbrot.


    This holiday treat recipe for Teiglach is much requested although it is sure to cause sticky fingers.

    Almond Macaroons

    This traditional Passover recipe for Almond Macaroons is an easy cookie recipe to make and open to endless variation.

    Cocoa Cookies and Cream

    Enjoy this healthy cookie recipe for Cocoa Cookies and Cream from Graham Kerr. The chocolate cookies are made with prunes and cocoa powder.

    Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

    You can serve these Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches at room temperature or freeze them for a icy treat. Enjoy this versatile recipe from Graham Kerr.

    Laurel Tarantino Snowball Cookies

    This classic cookie recipe for Laurel Tarantino Snowball Cookies was submitted to the first annual Good Morning Gloucester Holiday Cookie Contest. They will melt in your mouth and are similar to what are known as Russian Tea Cakes and Mexican Wedding Cook

    The Radio Lady Pecan Wafers

    This The Radio Lady Pecan Wafers recipe came from “The Radio Lady” who took notes during the 1920s while listening to a cooking show on WJAR radio station in Providence, RI. Enjoy the taste of pecans from the Old South with this adaptation from the Br

    Apple Oat Sesame Cookies

    Enjoy a wholesome, chewy cookie to serve at snack time or even for a quick breakfast when you make this recipe for Apple Oat Sesame Cookies.

    Apple-Cranberry Meringues

    This dessert recipe forApple-Cranberry Meringues is colorful and a wonderful paring of sweet and tart; beautiful on a holiday table.

    Easter Bunny Egg Cookies Cookie Dough

    The secret to making fabulous Easter cookies is to use this Felicia Mohan recipe for Easter Bunny Egg Cookies Cookie Dough.